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Frederic Mouchet’s image bank.

Stock Images allows an attractive navigation into Frederic Mouchet’s photo stock.

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photo no.524 : A torii inside Garan sacred precinct. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.488 : A part of 'Tatami-ishi' (stone tatami) on O-jima islet, eastern part of Kume-jima. Kume Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.437 : Mrs Yamakawa (92 years old) going back home after a meal in 'Emi No Mise' restaurant in Ogimi village. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.187 : View of Lady Knox Geyser in Waiotapu, Rotorua volcanic area. North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.411 : Painter Hu Hui completes a work achieved with traditional Chinese painting methods in his Tunxi town studio. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.174 : View of Hokianga Harbour entrance also known as Hokianga-Nui-A-Kupe (where the first Polynesians landed in New Zealand). Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.79 : High buildings of Hong Kong Island 'Skyline'. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.46 : A man relaxes on Aberdeen waterfront. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.293 : Display of souvenirs intended for toursits visiting Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.229 : Bags of pilgrim tourists arriving at Putuo Shan sacred island for the annual celebration of Guanyin’s Nirvana. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.434 : Portrait of Setsuko Nishime (97 years old), the eldest citizen in Kudaka sacred island. Kudaka Island/Okinawa Archipelago/Japan/

photo no.366 : Coming soon

photo no.89 : Hong Kong bay seen from 'Aqua' bar in Tsim Sha Tsui. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.498 : Rocks like shadow puppet on a small shore, north part of Ishigaki-jima Island. Yaeyama Islands/Okinawa Prefecture/Japan/

photo no.385 : Coming soon

photo no.258 : Young couple embracing near a sacred rock on Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.444 : Stall of pork meat inside Makishi market in Naha. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.143 : Fumaroles on a river's banks in Waimangu Valley, Rotorua volcanic area. North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.66 : Visitors stand in line for a new amusement at Hong Kong Disneyland. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.387 : Coming soon

photo no.382 : Coming soon

photo no.135 : Star Ferry sailing towards Hong Kong Island 'Skyline'. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.123 : Photo of old Hong Kong in a small popular restaurant's window, Kowloon district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.537 : Road sweeper by a Buddha statue inside Okuno-in precinct. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.549 : Goma ceremony inside Muryoko-in Temple. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.249 : Religious meeting under police surveillance on Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.131 : A man participates in the annual commemoration of victims of Tiananmen Square massacre in Victoria Park on June 4th 2007. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.119 : Street seen from a footbridge linking up two blocks of buildings in Central district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.478 : Nabi Furugen, yuta (shaman lady) from Kudaka sacred island (photo at the back) gives us a talk about Okinawa mythology. Okinawa Island/Japan/

photo no.418 : Manufacturing an ink stone in a small workshop in Shexian village. Anhui Province/China/

photo no.374 : The faithful gather in front Mogao Buddhist caves to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. Dunhuang/Gansu Province/China/

photo no.306 : A wing of Puji Temple on Putuo Shan Buddhist island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.117 : Sailor's silhouette inside the pilot cabin of a ship sailing in Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.508 : Light advertising screen of a district under construction in downtown Shanghai. Shanghai/China/

photo no.311 : Instant of nearness between Buddhist monks of Fayu Temple, Putuo Shan sacred island. Zhejiang Province/China/

photo no.97 : Hong Kong Stock Exchange trading room, Central district. Hong Kong/China/

photo no.331 : Arahurahu marae on the west side of Tahiti Nui. Tahiti Island/Society Islands/French Polynesia/

photo no.554 : Stone garden inside Kongobu-ji Temple. Koya-san/Honshu Island/Japan/

photo no.209 : Two Maori girls at the entrance of Tamatea Marae in Motuti. Northland/North Island/New Zealand/

photo no.152 : Members of a waka (traditional Maori canoe) crew participating in Waitangi Day annual commemorations on Waitangi Treaty Grounds. Bay of Islands/North Island/New Zealand/

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