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A presentation of the artist’s photography passions, works and projects.

This summary outlines Frederic Mouchet’s professional life, his motivations, his favourite topics and encounters and his publications.

FREDERIC MOUCHETBorn in Paris in 1967, Frédéric has been a keen photographer ever since he was a teenager. When he was 20, he made his first photography trip to Africa. The experience was an opportunity for him to acquire hands-on experience of the world of reporting – and discover the gamut of emotions that accompany the quest for things worth photographing. He has been travelling the world ever since – always with a camera to hand.

Frederic Mouchet has been a regular contributor to the magazine Grands Reportages. He has published more than forty photo reports on countries as diverse as Indonesia, Burma, Laos, India, China, Japan, Cape Verde, Alaska, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Syria and Australia.

His images have also been widely published in the national and foreign press, and, among others, he has worked with GEO (France, Spain, Russia, Finland, Hungary), VSDLe Point, Le Monde des Religions, Liberation and Australian Geographic.



November 2015

Six major French expeditions to the Australian coast took place over the course of the 18th and 19th centuries.
Through contemporary photographs, expedition drawings and historical commentary, the reader will discover an Australia still intact, loyal to the environment these seafaring explorers came upon over 200 years ago.

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